Robbmusic [Robb Hoffmann] is a composer and performer of music in the genres of classic rock, contemporary, new age, jazz and electronica. His instruments are piano, electronic keyboards and flutes (concert-c and Native American) His performances and compositions feature his talents as a multi-instrumentalist as well as collaborations with some of the finest musicians in these genres.  His creations blend acoustic piano, organ, synthesizers, flutes, strings, guitars, strong bass and organic rhythms to form his unique style. 

From a live performance perspective, Robb’s music is most suited to small-to-medium sized venues: corporate events, social happenings, hotel lounges, fairs, and weddings. It is ambient music - designed to enhance the atmosphere not call attention away from. He is keenly aware of the environment, tailoring the songs and energy level as appropriate to the space and audience. He can perform solo or as a trio consisting of piano, bass and percussion. 


As a vey young child, Robb received his first instrument - a concert snare drum - from his grandfather who was a John Phillip Sousa band member, composer and music teacher.  Quickly picking up other percussion instruments, Robb began performing with school bands, traveling with drum and bugle corps, and winning solo competitions. 

With the arrival of the British Invasion in 1965, This thirteen year old traded in his concert snare for a full drum set.  Robb’s high school grades attest to his extensive work as a drummer with regional rock bands.  When his band insisted that someone learn the organ part to “Incense and Peppermints” and the flute part to “Going up the Country”, Robb accepted the challenge and traded in his drums for a hammond organ and electric piano. His sister, a flutist, was a little wary knowing her prized silver flute was spending nights in a bar. 

In 1976 Robb penned his first song , “I Sit beside the Fire” - inspired by JRR Tolkiens’  The Hobbit - and presented it to his grandfather (“the Music Man”) on his 79th Birthday.  Perhaps recognizing some potential in this long-haired, hippie teenager, his grandfather strongly encouraged formal study. 

With his grandfathers’ guidance, Robb enrolled in the music composition program at the University of Wisconsin, while simultaneously studying performance flute at Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin.  Now composing and recording original music for his latest band, “Tailor”, he found a few hours of fame while touring with Fleetwood Mac.  Eventually, the thrill of being a tier-2 rock musician wore off, and Robb tried his hand on another type of keyboard, beginning his career as a computer programmer;  and then… a house in the suburbs, a wife and four children. 

Much later, In the midst of a successful but stressful career as a computer systems designer, and the in depths of an unpleasant major life change - a muse offering appeared. The calling came through persistent, lucid music dreams. Robb began capturing these dream-songs late at night, and so began an ambitious composition/recording project that resulted in the release of his first full length CD in 1999, Sacred Space through the Messenger Records label. 

With the release of full-length CD’s Sacred  Space , Awakening and I Can Fly, Robb has reached listeners all over the world who appreciate his unique style. His latest Project Chilly Concoction, promises to deliver his best yet offerings. 

Robb lives with the love of his life, Carol in Franklin Wisconsin. He can be heard making music with his collaborators in his Sacred Space Studios, while Carol paints and tends to her garden - with two cats in the yard. life used too be so hard…